1973 III in Garland, TX

Last Updated: 4/26/2023 | Ad Source: Craigslist | Condition: Good

Asking Price: $5,999

1973 garland tx

Vehicle Features

  • Model Year: 1973
  • Generation: III
  • Odometer: 78,000
  • Engine: 4 cylinder
  • Transmission: Manual

Ad Information

  • City/Area: Garland
  • State/Region: Texas
  • Contact Name: Not Provided
  • Phone: See Link Below
  • Email: See Link Below

More Details & Pictures

Vintage 1973 Saab Sonett III

Up for your consideration today is this 1973 Saab Sonett lll with a clear title that runs and drives.
This example, in orange, was repainted close to stock many years ago. There is no evidence of major crashes or repairs. It does multiple chips, nicks, fading and the leading edge of the passenger door has some sections missing. There are some holes where the passenger side mirror would mount.

It does have an original interior with factory seats with bolsters but it is missing some headliner and trunk panels. It also is missing portions of the door / window seals. Speedo, horn and behind the grill driving lights do not work but everything else seems to. The oil, alternator and bright light indicators need new pieces of gauge plastic installed.

This was originally an AC car but it no longer has the compressor, compressor mount or hoses.

The engine was recently rebuilt with 92mm pistons, a hotter cam, a Sport & Rally valve train with larger valves but no head porting was done. It has a two barrel carb with a diaphragm clutch and lightened flywheel so it’s quite peppy and spins up fast. Starts right up after it gets warmed up.

The transmission was also modified with a neutered freewheel, ring and pinion and freeway flyer 4th gear.

Tires are 185 series and the rears rub when you get a couple people in the car. It has polished alloy soccer ball wheels that were cleared as some point but the clear is now starting to peel.

There is rust in one section of the trunk and both rockers have some rust. The jack points and floors look solid. Replacement rockers are readily available and it’s not a terribly difficult job.

The car is currently indoors and can remain so until you can arrange for pick up. I can meet your driver almost anytime.

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  1. Do you have pictures of the under carriage to see if there is rust or if it has been taken care of


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